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Friends Only

If you'd like me to add you, please satisfy my curiosity and answer the following four questions:

1. Who are you?
2. Where do we know each other from?
3. Why do you want me to add you?
4. What is one thing that you are truly passionate about?


Additional Information


1. You have displayed reckless disregard for punctuation and/or spelling. Nobody is perfect, and I completely understand that. I will not, however, tolerate excessive chatspeak or anything that makes reading your entries extremely difficult.
2. You neglect or abuse your pet(s). Again, I recognize that not everyone is perfect and that everyone has a different opinion of what pet care should consist of. I don't expect everyone to involve their dogs in ten different sports or run to the vet every time your cat looks at you funny. I DO expect at least basic care to be attended to, including but not necessarily limited to veterinary care for obviously ill animals, regular feeding of an appropriate diet (because pets cannot live on Cheerios as a staple), and sanitary living conditions. I can promise that you WILL be booted if you fail to provide this for your pet(s), if your stupidity results in unplanned litters, or if you're a shitty and irresponsible breeder/owner/handler/etc. When you take on a pet, you're agreeing to take care of an animal that is unable to take care of itself; it's a huge responsibility and I fully expect you to perform adequately or give your pet(s) to someone who can. Every animal deserves appropriate care, be it a horse, a dog, a mouse, or a guppy.
3. You're too neurotic for me to handle. Everyone has their quirks, mood swings, and off-the-wall opinions (especially me.) I don't expect everyone to agree with me, to be nice to me all the time, or fall within the realm of "normalcy." I welcome an intelligent discussion and debate so long as we can agree to disagree if neccessary -- you probably can't convert me, and I can't convert you. All I ask is that you have a bit of tact, respect, and politeness in your dealings with me. Rudeness will not be tolerated for long.
4. I never hear from you. The occasional comment is appreciated, especially if I'm a regular poster in your journal. If you add me, and I add you, and then I never hear from you again, you will be removed. This holds double if I know you're an active LJ member and you make regular updates to your own journal. Friendship is a two-way street!
5. I don't trust you. If I think you're just here to troll or snoop, you're out. This is my journal, and I'm tired of being cautious about what I post because there's someone I'm not comfortable with on my friends list.
6. You failed to respond to my "I'm cleaning out my friends list; drop me a note if you'd like to stay," post(s). I'm not joking when I say that!
7. I'm having a crisis. If something hugely horrible is going on in my life, I tend to thin out my f-list because I don't want to have so many people witness my disaster.

I'm generally willing to grant second chances, so get in touch with me if you've been removed and would like to be re-added. :)

ALSO ... Assholes, hypocrites, stalkers, immature bitches, pots that like to call kettles black, and all similar people are not welcome. You will be removed and blocked if necessary. If you continue LJ arguments by stalking me on any IM service or via email, I will block you and report you to whatever authorities it takes for me to get some relief. Just grow up and find some sort of productive way to vent your anger. Take up sports, work out, get laid, whatever, but certainly don't go fucking psycho on me.

Feed Us!

These are my adoptables. Please feed them so they can grow and evolve over time! If you have any adoptables that need fed or clicked, feel free to post them (or a link to them) in the comments or to valenthresearch. :)

Also note that Bloodlust and Fleshrender would appreciate evil foods. :x


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